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Principles of Sales Success Workshop

What Will You Learn?

Learn each principle and understand how it applies to your job.

Utilise these principles to improve service and value to clients/Member through active demonstration.

Instructor Bio
Sales Strategist, Sales Trainer and Business Consultant
Course Information
Duration Time
2 Days



Sales is a noble profession because it is about advancing the lives of others whether it is a business or an individual. You can be a natural at sales - meaning you connect well and people like you, you love to serve, you know your product very well and you love your job. But to do it well you need to understand, adopt, and practice some very important principles.

This course will take you through 5 principles – STRUT. These principles will help you to understand where you should put your focus so that you can be effective and more importantly consistently improve your performance over time.

The Principles covered will help persons who are new to sales or sales professionals who have been in the business for a while and need to sharpen the foundational skills needed to drive performance.

This collection of topics will engage the skills necessary to provide the service and value that clients will expect when they choose to do business face to face. Included you will find topics that raise the threshold for service and value, as well as encourage sales professionals to grow in their careers.

Course Features

Service: I am member obsessed.
Team Player: I am committed to team goals
Relationship: I am the Trusted Advisor
Understanding: I am on a mission to succeed
Time: I manage myself to focus on Prioritise