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Live online classes are synchronous events organised in a live virtual meeting room where students and instructors meet together to communicate with voice, video, whiteboard. Live online classes require students and instructors to be online at the same time. Meetings and lectures occur at the same hour.

Anyone can take an online course as long as they have access to a computer with internet capabilities, have an active email account and have a good understanding of how a computer works. 

Students access their live classes by logging into their school account. Once they are logged in, they will be able view class schedules and access their class dashboard and virtual classroom.

Like a traditional class, your live online class has an instructor who will conduct real-time classes, give assignments, answer questions, lead discussions and assign grades.

Each online class consists of a series of lessons, which are divided into topics, each of which many have several pages of textual information and real-time face-to-face instruction each week. Live online classes may take various formats such as:

  • Training sessions
  • Revision Class
  • Workship
  • Tutorials
  • Lecture
  • Master Class

To enrol in a live online class hosted in this platform, you will be able to select classes posted on our marketplace. Once you have decided on a course, you can add it to your shopping cart and pay online or via bank transfer or bank deposit if you are located in Jamaica.