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Four Characteristics of a Successful Online Learner

Whether it's your first time doing online classes or if you are looking for ways to improve upon your current habits and practices, there are a few key areas to consider to position yourself to be successful in an online learning environment.


1. Persistence

Being persistent is one of the most important keys to success in online learning. Students who succeed are able to tolerate technical problems, seek help when needed, work daily on every class, and persist through challenges. However, in order to be persistent, you definitely need to be organised. It is highly recommended that you create a manageable study schedule and work hard to stick with it.


2. Effective Time-Management Skills

You must be able to manage your time well. Effective time-management skills does not just happen by default. They have to be learned and developed. Once you do, they will benefit you throughout your life. We definitely recommend that you review your syllabuses, develop a strategy for completing your assignments on time and make a “To Do” list so you can monitor and track your progress.


3. Effective and Appropriate Communication Skills

Communication skills are vital in online learning because students must seek help when they need it. Teachers are willing to help students, but they are unable to pick up on non-verbal cues, such as a look of confusion on a student's face. We recommend that you fully utilize the communication tools provided such as e-mail, discussion groups, chat room office hours, cell phones, and even text messaging to ask questions and communicate any challenges that you may be experiencing.


6. Motivation and Independence

To be successful as an online student you have to want to succeed. At the end of the day you are responsible for your level of success, as what you put in is what you ultimately get out of the experience. Online learning requires independence, internal motivation, responsibility, and a certain level of maturity.