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Prioritizing Self-Care While Working From Home

Whether we’re planning and teaching virtually or managing projects, working from home for extended lengths of time can be challenging as work time blends into personal time. But setting boundaries that separate work time from personal time is only a first step. To help and support others, we must become avid caretakers of ourselves. Self-care is important to your successful learning experience. Managing our physical, mental, and social well-being can give us the energy to be present to those we are responsible for and set an example for them of how to cope with our tough current situation.

1. Physical Care: Sleep and Exercise

Tending to your basic needs is important for managing stress and replenishing your energy reserves needed for tackling tasks. Sleep, good eating habits and regular exercise will provide the energy needed to perform throughout the day.


2. Mental Care: Mindfulness and Learning

While family and work colleagues both need your attention, protecting some personal time can help you recharge and be present for them. Set up blocks of time for work and family—but also for yourself.  Schedule activities that promote calm and keep learning by reading articles, listening to podcasts or favorite playlists, and watching instructional videos. Growing your professional practice and hobbies is valuable to rejuvenating yourself.


3. Social Care: Stay Connected with Others

Between lesson planning, researching learning experiences, and attending professional meetings, it’s possible to forget to eat and stay connected with friends and family. Since a strength of virtual learning is access to the world, use those same resources for personal growth.